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About Us

             The SoundHound program was designed to provide both articulation and language therapy opportunities for students of all ages. Every SoundHound product available provides multiple opportunities for learning.  Through these colorful picture scenes, many different goals can be targeted.  Creative opportunities are enhanced by the student's specific needs as well as the imagination of the teacher.  As each student has individualized goals, the SoundHound program can be utilized to meet their needs.  SoundHound provides ample opportunities to learn and practice speech and language skills.  



            SoundHound was born as a result of both a need and a desire to provide exciting, fun and updated materials for my current caseload as a Speech and Language Pathologist within an Arizona school district.  SoundHound was developed to provide materials that were easy to use in multiple settings.  While using these products with my speech students, classroom teachers and other therapists were soon interested in implementing them within their classroom and within their caseload.  We are excited to present SoundHound as a web-based company providing speech and language products worldwide.  We hope that you enjoy our products and find them exciting and useful for all your needs.  We welcome your feedback on our FAQ page and look forward to incorporating new ideas and products as they are developed.

            The SoundHound program offers products that include beautifully crafted 11″x 17″ picture scenes and a manual filled with words, phrases, sentences and more that correspond to each colorful picture.  New products are being developed as SoundHound responds to the needs and feedback from those already using the SoundHound program.

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