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        Included in the picture scenes purchase is a SoundHound Activity Manual.  The manual provides suggested articulation and language activities and reference to Common Core State Standards.  Each picture scene has an accompanying section that provides 24 words, phrases and sentences to practice the target sound.  It also includes 10 alliteration sentences and 6 group questions (what, when, where, why, who and how) to facilitate carryover of speech sounds at the conversational level.  This ring-bound manual is printed on durable weight paper and easily stored with the picture scenes in a clear poly envelope.  The picture scenes are printed on heavyweight gloss cover paper.

Picture Scenes and Activity Manual

  • Each 11x17 page is printed on high quality paper.  They are conveniently stored in a clear plastic envelope with a self closure.  Picture scenes are durable and can be wiped clean with a damp towel but are not water proof or resistent.  The plastic envelope can be cleaned with disenfectant wipes as can the outer cover of the manual.  The manual and picture scense are stored together in the envelope to protect them from wear and tear.  The envelpe size makes for convenient storage on a shelf and is also easy to transport.